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#DiningOut for a Cause; Galloping Out

And They’re Off! Clementi’s is Galloping Out on Tuesday May 17th!

Come support Galloping Out’s efforts to rehabilitate and house retired race horses.

Clementi’s will give 20% of the house to Galloping Out when you dine or drink with them on May 17th from 4-10PM

They are pushed to their limits and bet on. We watch them for fun, entertainment and sport. Admired for their beauty and strength, horses evoke dreams of little girls and grown-ups alike. We are blessed to have our own International Race Track – just up the road from Clementi’s off Northwest Highway in Arlington Heights. You can watch these amazing thoroughbreds race the wind, but what happens to that race horse after the race. What about if the horse has an injury, illness, or, is simply too old, to make it back to the track?

In the past many were euthanized or slaughtered after their racing days ended. Depending on health or injury, race horses typically retire, between the ages of 3-10 years, yet they have a life expectancy, of 20-25 years. Horse enthusiasts worked hard to close the last horse slaughter facility in the USA, in 2007. Sadly, “Kill buyers” are still exporting horses across the border to Mexico. Galloping Out helps save these gorgeous animals from such a deadly fate.

Galloping Out helps find a new life track, for these Arlington Heights beauties. Accepting only horses from Illinois, who raced at Arlington Heights, they are a true local rescue. They partner with 6 local horse farms where the horses, receive: transitional care, veterinary aid, and re-training, with the oversight and guidance of the Galloping Out’s program. Their goal is to assure these amazing horses, find the best path to their new life, rather than be put out to pasture.

Horses who are able, can be re-trained to compete in shows, or events. Others are re-trained for pleasure riding, or public service, even playing polo. These well-tuned athletes specifically trained for racing would not be safe for just anyone to ride straight off the track without special attention to give them a new set of skills to interact with the public or their new family. Re-training often takes 90 days or more.

Through a thoughtful adoption process, Galloping Out matches a horse’s abilities, with their prospective adoptive owner’s interests. Allowing these horses to thrive with new opportunities for years to come, is the gift of supporting Galloping Out by dining at Clementi’s Pizzeria & Bar on 05/24.

Adoption fees and owner assistance only covers part of the costs to rehabilitate these horses, however more help is needed. Clementi’s is happy to be one of the community partners to support the valuable work of Galloping Out.

Come to Clementi’s on Tuesday, May 17th – between 4PM and 10PM – and 20% of your bill, will go to support Galloping Out’s efforts to restore these dynamic animals to a new life’s purpose.

Enjoy Arlington Heights Best Pizza, or some fine Italian cuisine. Take a tour of our #craftbeer menu while sampling our small bites or a dessert. It’s a sure bet that this trifecta of good will, great food, and craft beers will make everyone feel like a winner.


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